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The New Normal

All was well, the family was doing great for a change, the river was calm.  So I decided to focus on myself and get a Colonoscopy.  I would be out of commission for two days, prep and procedure.  Then the storm hit.

Mom’s cancer screening came back positive.  A small mass and a rise in the marker for Ovarian Cancer.  She needed a Colonoscopy too!  To biopsy the mass.  Well the Doc could not get to it and now she needs to go to a radiologist so he can figure out how to get to the mass.

Then Dad had a small stroke.  We had 10 great months after the last Shunt surgery.  He was walking, talking, reminding us of his need for a shot or Megan’s sports practices.  He has some left side weakness and is in a Skilled Nursing Facility a SNF (Sniff) called the Life Care Center of Evergreen.  He is doing well but he is not home.

Indy, our Survivor Dog, grew a cancerous growth on his leg, so we found out the same week of my Colonoscopy and Mom and Dad’s troubles.  It will cost $750 to remove and it may not work. He is 12.5 years old and we already paid for one knee surgery and one miracle. He had an emergency Splenecotomy.  He was given 3 months to live.  That was almost three years ago.  We really can not afford the surgery with all that we have been through. Now what do we do?

And me?  One polyp so I get to repeat in 5 years.

Just another day at the Stills’ abode.

Sigh…back to riding the rapids.