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Book Shelves for Megan

Megan wanted some Cool Book Shelves.  Tracey helped her find a wall hung case that hung in a diamond pattern.  I spent quite some time figuring out the dimensions that would work in the space they wanted it mounted.  It was fun to build but a bit of a challenge.  It is mounted to small blocks which are mounted to wall studs.  I mitered the corners but now wish I had just overlapped them.  Stain on Pine Boards with Wipe-On-Poly.

Diamond Bookshelves for Megan
Diamond Bookshelves for Megan

Tracey’s Christmastine Present

Farm-Table-1 Farm-Table-2 Farm-Table-6 Farm-Table-3 Farm Table 5 Farm Table 4So Tracey asked for this Farmhouse Table for Christmas.  I foolishly said yes.  It now sits inside waiting for time and warmth to put me back to work.  It still needs nail holes filled in, sanding, staining and finish coating.  It is actually based on plans from Anna’s book, The Handbuilt Home.  Tracey let me buy the Kreg Pocket Hole Jig for this project and this is the first time I have used it.

If it is not done before Valentines Day I may be suffering a broken heart. Literally and figuratively.

Next up, Picture Frames, iTable modified for Megan, Two Coffee Tables for Tracey, small End Tables, a stand for the WWII Army Field Desk inherited from my Uncle, and whatever else Tracey decides we need.   Now if I only had a dedicated Woodshop!

Pics to follow.

UPDATE: Table is done, now to get those pics.

UPDATE2: Pics Added