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Interlude: Fire in Evergreen

Last night I got a text, and email and a voice mail both at home and on my cell that our home was to evacuated immediately.   I thought, “Wow, the big fire in Evergreen finally hit.”  Fire in Evergreen is probably our biggest fear.  I was part of a group several years ago that investigated setting up a community support group for emergencies and we discussed how fire would devastate our community.  Conifer got their act together and we look to them and our local fire department and the Jeffco Sheriff’s to keep us inform.   Turns out Facebook was the best way to stay informed.

Thanks to everyone who kept us up to date.  Kayla at BoneJour Pet Sitting emailed later to let us know that Max and Indy are safe.  When we left for Ireland, they had just experienced a family emergency, now they had to evacuate 16 dogs and a handful of other critters.  They are on Facebook too.  We love them!

We seem to miss the big news when we go on vacations.  We were in Yellowstone for the Pope visit, and Maine when the Moose walked through Evergreen, now this.

Thanks again to Kayla, Lisa, Joan, Shawn and Diane for keeping us informed.