RootsTech 2015 with Wikitree

I am sitting at Denver International Airport waiting for my 1:10 Departure.  Getting in and to the gate was very smooth for a change. We had about 5 inches of snow last night but the next three days in Salt Lake City are looking good.


I will be meeting up with Jeff Heyman on Friday for Dinner so an added surprise to the trip.

Wikitree folks are already at the RootsTech 2015 conference setting up and with any luck, I will be able to join them later today.

As Fate always has a surprise for me, the Jefferson County Historical Society website that I volunteer to maintain is down.  Last night they moved it to a new server to take advantage of the latest PHP and something broke.  I have absolutely no access and am relying on them to get us up an running.

deet..deet…deet… this just in. is up an running.  Apparently one little bracket { }shut us down, somehow a line was duplicated during the transfer.  Once removed, we are good to go!

Thank you Hurricane Electric!

Next Stop, Salt Lake City and the Ellerbeck Bed and Breakfast.


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