Tennessee Traveling: DAY EIGHT

Last Night In Greeneville.

Tomorrow we head back to Nashville and fly home to Denver on Saturday.

I spent the morning with Hayley and Michelle at the T. Cox Library and later had lunch at the Sandwich House.Hayley and Michelle

We talked a bit and discovered some potential new connections for Hayley and Michelle.  They helped me better understand the lay of the land and were my family lived which helped with potential new records to look for.  Michelle generously offered to check Cocke County for for a marriage record for my Grandparents, Bertha Naomi McCoy and Melvin Virgil Stills.

With the help of the volunteers at the T. Elmer Cox Library, we found several wills or estate listings.  These will be helpful to fill in details.  Hayley was sharp and remembered that their was information in an Estate listing of John Kelley‘s that mentions son-in-law, William H McCoy.  William is the husband of Elizabeth Kelley and she is the link I needed to complete the connection to John Kelley.  I think we may have found  or narrowed some of the information on John Kelley that leads us to the original source of his origin story coming to America from Ireland.  This will help us sort out a lot of misinformation.

Also among the Kelley info we found, I may have to change John Kelley’s wife from Margaret Hutchinson to Margaret Snapp.  They are likely the same woman but there is some question as to her correct maiden name and there is room for her to have been married before she married John.   As per usual, answer one questions and gain two more questions.

I really enjoyed meeting Hayley and Michelle, we have been corrisponding online for many years and now we were able to talk in person.  It was exciting and fun and too short.

After our “Mini Genealogy Society Meeting” I headed back to the hotel to pick up Uncle Ross, Maggie and my parents.  J.R. Bledsoe and his wife Blanch were there as well and J.R. recommended a great place for dinner.  The Gathering Place.

We said goodbye to J.R. and Blanch at the restaurant and headed back to the hotel.  I am so very glad J.R. and Blanch came.  Facebook connected us a few years ago and Blanch was well aware of my Family History search.  She rescued some of Aunt Elizabeth’s photos which have new pictures I had not seen and she had generously created copies for me in advance of our meeting.

At the hotel, we had our last time together with Uncle Ross and Aunt Maggie.  Tomorrow we all head for home.  But not before I meet with Hayley one last time at the Bean Barn to say goodbye.


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