Tennessee Traveling: DAY SEVEN

A week already!

This morning I headed to Burnett’s Chapel to meet Hayley.  It is right next to T’s.   Hayley gave a Tour of Rilla’s Cabin, daughter sister of Smith Stills and the place where T was raised. We also visited Kelley Gap and met Hubert Kelley, a descendent of John Kelley. Rilla's Home

This was quite the experience and hinted at a time long past.Hayley and Hubert

I have long wanted to see Kelley Gap.  I have info that suggests that Elizabeth Kelley is the daughter of John Kelley, the immigrant settler that is responsible for Kelley’s in Greeneville and Kelley Gap.  But I need more to prove it.

Kelley Gap Michael
Marker at Kelley Gap.

Finally, after a 5 year wait, I was able to see the Stills-Darnell Cemetery which is located on private property.

Stills Darnell Cemetery
Stills Darnell Cemetery
Reunion at Nana Ayers.  Some folks left early.
Reunion at Nana Ayers. Some folks left early.

In the afternoon, we went to Nana (Ayers) Swanger’s home for the Instant Family Reunion.  Nana was able to call a lot of Stills’s and get them to come visit.  So after the pre-reunion yesterday, we had the Instant Reunion today and once again, I scored serveral new pictures I did not have.  I need some time to download and sort before I post but I promise they are coming.

Tomorrow I finally get a chance to dig around the T. Elmer Cox library.  I had a few minutes today to drop in and talk with the Ladies there.  They have a great reputation for knowing their resources and using their local knowlege and their reputation is well deserved.  But if there is no information to find, well then there is no information to find.  They do not have the Aug 1881 newpaper that I need.  It appears no one does.  Nor were we able to find any info for Widows and Orphans from post 1870 that had any Stills or Rickers that might be mine.  So, I will focus on McCoys, Lowery’s and a few other names.

The fun part of the morning is that I will get to meet Michelle Stuart face to face.  I have actually known Michelle online longer than Hayley but Hayley’s and my line are connected a lot closer.  Hayley and Michelle with meet for the first time face to face as well, we have have our own little mini-Genealogy Society Meeting tomorrow at the T. Elmer Cox Library.  I am looking forward it!

In the afternoon, I will put away the family history stuff and Uncle Ross and Aunt Maggie will join us for a tour of President Andrew Johnson’s home and possible a tour of Green Mountain amid the Great Smoky Mountains.

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