Tennessee Traveling: DAY SIX

Sorry folks, this whirlwind of a trip has me tangled up tonight.  A short post until I can catch up.

Uncle Ross and Aunt Maggie took us on a trip to Parrotsville and other parts of Greeneville.  We saw a few of the places Dad and Uncle Ross lived and the area’s where the schools were but are now gone.  I am not sure I can recreate that right now.  Wow they moved alot!

Pics to follow later, I need to get some sleep.  Uncle Ross is fighting a bug, but “Maning Through it”  just like my Dad would do.  Those Farmers didn’t stop for ‘nothing.  Get better Uncle Ross, I don’t want my crazy adventure bringing you down.

Stopped by 1st Cousin Nana’s and met up with J.R.. Nana’s daughter Vickie was only able to come today.  It was a good visit, we exchanged info to continue our Genealgy Quests online.

Big Score courtesy of Blanche, J.R.’s wife.  She saved J.R.’s mother’s (my aunt Elva)  photos and other docs.  Great info on the McCoys and a photo nobody can identify, but looks fruitful if we can get it figured out, maybe tomorrow, when we meet at Nana’s again for another batch of cousins.

Hayley and I have been corrisponding over 5 years now.  Tonight we met with William Thomas Ricker or “T”.  This was 5 years in the making as T has some great stories about Smith Alexander Stills and Smith’s father William Henry Stills.   My crazy family, Mom, Dad, Uncle Ross, J.R., and Blanche decided to join me for Story Time at T’s.  Hayley brought along her own contingent and we filled T’s house.  His wife fell and broke her hip and is in the hospital, yet he was going to be home alone and welcomed the cousin company.  What a gracious act.  Thanks T!  He did not disapoint and gave us a few new tidbits to chew on.  More to follow.  Thank you Hayley!  We had a great time.

With just enough time left, I got a call into my wife. she is home alone, as my daughter is away at Camp working as a program instructor. Highschool kids teaching elementary kids at an Outdoor Science Camp in Jefferson County Colorado.

Just 4 Days left!

Another full day booked for tomorrow.  See you at 8:30am Hayley for the infamous Stills – Darnell cemetery.  If we don’t get shot we will have another great story to tell.  Bill Hicks, I’m holding you libel if something happens!  And I hope it does!

Tomorrow Then!

<Deep Breath>  <Big Sigh>

Good Night!



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