Tennessee Traveling: DAY FIVE

Day five means that my trip is already halfway over.  Another five days and we head back to Colorado.  I still need to get to the T. Elmer Cox Library and the Courthouse, Wednesday is likely.  Tomorrow Uncle Ross is going to take us around Greeneville and show us what he remembers from his youth.  It will be interesting to see what my Dad can remember but it is good to be here with him and uncle Ross.

This morning however was an awesome day.  TnBreeze did not disappoint.  With their help and expertise we were able to knock off seven cemeteries in 6 hours.  I highly recommend them as your tour guide if you need to visit Greeneville area cemeteries.   Tammy and Brian know as much if not more about my family as I did.  Their local knowledge was very helpful in understanding how people lived around here.  But the fun fact of the day was establishing that Brian and I are cousins multiple times over through Ricker and Davis connections and likely a couple more as we work thru the lines.

We visited BeershebaGethsemaneHarrisonRehobothRiver HillSolomon Lutheran, and Zion Presbyterian.  We were able to find all the Gravestones that were to be found.  Some of the sites had unmarked graves but the visit helped clarify a few questions I had.

For example: We do not have a burial location for Uriah Ricker.  A gravestone for Martha Smith, his wife exists at Rehoboth (Rehobeth). A visit to this site revealed that their is a depression next to her plot suggesting another burial.  Additionally, Uriah’s brothers and parents are buried in an area obviously marked out for for the Rickers.  A logical conclusion then is that Uriah is buried in the unmarked location next to Martha.  Unfortunately finding someone who cares for many of these cemeteries who also has records is difficult.

Ricker Plot
Ricker Plot. Tammy and Brian mark two of the corners. The big letter R in the foreground marks a third corner. Directly behind the Big R in the shade is Martha’s plot and just to the left of her is a depression suggesting Uriah is buried here.
Uriah Ricker Plot
Uriah Ricker is likely buried in the space just in front of me.









Uriah’s son, Smith Alexander (Ricker) Stills is buried at River Hill.

Smith Stills Marker
My Great Grandparents


Tomorrow night, we meet “T”

See y’all tomorrow.

I’m tired.

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