Tennessee Traveling: DAY THREE


We took a small detour heading to Knoxville from Nashville and went to McMinnville (apparently we are in “Ville” ville.  Lots of …villes.)

McMinnville is where two of my Union Soldier ancestors were captured 3 October 1863 by the Confederate army.  They were James Wylie McCoy, my Grandmother’s paternal Grandfather and James Alexander Lowery, my Grandfathers maternal Grandfather.  So, in other words, the grandson of James Lowery married the granddaughter of James McCoy



I mistakenly told my cousin, that there were three but it was only two. The third Civil War ancestor was Charles Lovett but he did not serve with the two James, nor was he captured.  Charles Lovett’s daughter, Charlotte, married James McCoy.


Read about the two James’s Capture and Humiliation at McMinnville.  It was a one day affair and they were paroled.

Crossing Time Zones

About halfway between Crossville and Knoxville along I-40 the time zone changes from Central Time to Eastern Time.  My iPhone and the Garmin updated automatically.  My Dad’s watch needed setting AHEAD one hour; but I was driving.  So… I told him I would fix it tomorrow.  He does not know this, but I will do nothing to fix it. Heartless, you say?  Tomorrow it will be fixed, and no one will do a thing to the watch. How can this be, you say?   Tomorrow we “Fall off” Daylight Saving Time and his watch would have needed to be set BACK one hour.  So I do not have to do anything except wait.

A big thanks goes to Bill Hicks for letting me know we were going to cross the time zone.  I would not have the fun with my dad if not for his fun reminder.

Dinner with the Stills (Hey not my immediate family for a change!)

It was a great treat to see my Uncle Ross and his family…my cousins. Seeing how good they all look and hearing how well they are all doing, it was obvious who got all the good genes.  It was not us.

Chelsea, we missed meeting you and your and your husband.  If you ever make it to Colorado, please visit.  Megan would love to meet you I am sure.

They live near Knoxville, which I had not realized, nor that it was  along I-40, on the way to Greeneville.  Once they clued me in, we had to stop and I am glad we did.  Christi made us a great dinner, mom told a lot of stories and she even let my Uncle Ross tell a few as well.

He mentioned that my grandmother told him a story about three McCoy brothers coming from Ireland who separated upon arrival, never to meet again.  This is an interested new tidbit to work with, thanks Uncle Ross.

I have traced (with the help and work of other McCoy researchers) the McCoy line back to a William McCoy, born about 1763, in or near what is now Greene County, Tennessee.  Or so it is believed as I have not found a record to verify this.  If Uncle Ross’s story is correct, then his father is likely one of the Irish born McCoys. William did marry Lydia Harty in 1794, in Greene County.  Greene County was formed in 1783 from Washington County, North Carolina, so a record for William is likely in North Carolina.  Work to be done! This area was once part of the Lost State of Franklin and Tennessee became a state in 1796.

So tomorrow, we wake up and head for Greeneville.  On Monday, my Uncle Ross and Aunt Maggie will join us in Greeneville for the week. While I will lament, not having grown up with my cousins, I am very much going to enjoy this week of meeting and getting to know many close and distant relatives and discovering more of the Stills family story.

But tonight it is Sleepville.

Good Night.

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