Tennessee Traveling: DAY TWO

Stayed up too late tonight.  Had to do the Ghost Stories on Wikitree’s Google Hangout.

I had a nice dinner with Mom and Dad. The spaghetti at Sal’s was the best.  I missed lunch so either I was hungry or this was the best spaghetti I have had in quite some time.  And it was close by the hotel.

I missed lunch because I was at the Tennessee State Library and Archives today.  I made a peanut butter sandwich but forgot to bring it along.  The good news is that I found some stuff, the bad news is that it was not much and it came late in the day so I could not delve into more records.

[Enter the TSLA] : “Hello sir.  Welcome to the TSLA.  Have you been here before?”

[Me] :”No, it is my first time, I am looking forward to it.”

[TSLA]: “Oh, that’s great, where are you coming from?”

[Me]: “Colorado’

[TSLA]: “Oh, did you bring any ‘Pot’ ?”

[Me]: “Excuse me?!

[TSLA]: “Did you bring any ‘Pot’ ?”

[Me]: “Uh..No!’

(Thanks Colorado!, it appears we now have an unfortunate new reputation to deal with…The Mile “High” State has new meaning.)

I started with a newspaper search for the death of Smith Alexander Stills‘s mother Martha Smith.  This is probably my number one search priority.  I have a lot of circumstantial evidence that she is his mother but I have no direct documentation.   Martha died in Aug of 1881.  I found the Greeneville Herald had issues from abt 1879 to 1886.  Perfect right?!   Well they had July 1881 and they had September 1881.  But no August 1881!!  Ahhh….. a genealogists nightmare.

I found some info in the Will books but no new revelations.  I turned to the Land Deeds.  This is new for me and it was a bit more productive.  I turned up some nice info to fill in details but no new ancestors or new source info to support dates or locations.  But this came late in the day and I could not continue further.   I hope I can make it back to the TSLA again someday.   Once again proving that Genealogy is a game of patience  won in small increments.

Apparently cold air from the Arctic is passing through tonight and early tomorrow.  We head for Knoxville to see my cousin Jonathan and his family.   This trip must have been ordained because I did not know that Jonathan lived in Knoxville.  I had last seen him in Florida after he married his lovely wife Christi.  He has since had two great kids I have never met and one is now married!  So I will get to see him and his family and his parents, my Uncle Ross and Aunt Elizabeth.   Ross and Elizabeth are planning on joining us in Greeneville where my Dad and Ross were born.

Call me the Tennessee Time Traveler

So get this.  As I travel, tomorrow, Saturday Nov 1st, I will leave Nashville in the Central Time Zone and cross into the Eastern Time Zone by the time I get to Knoxville.  So I will need to set my clock ahead one hour.  But…when I get up the next day, Sunday, Nov 2nd, I have to set my clock BACK one hour since we are falling off Daylight Saving Time.  Tonight I Facetimed my wife, one hour behind me. Tomorrow I will Facetime her two hours behind me.  Sunday we will set our clocks back one hour.   If I talked to her at 7pm (CDT) today and talk to her again twenty four hours later on Sunday, it will be 7pm where I am (EST).  I will have traveled ahead one hour to set the clock back one hour.   Dr. Who ain’t got nothin on me….

Midnight, its tomorrow already.  Good night!

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