Tennessee Traveling: DAY ONE

Unnnghh…going to sleep now.  Long day.  Got up at 7:30am and took Dad to LabCorp for a blood draw, then to Denver International Airport to start our trip to Greeneville, Tennessee to see where my Dad grew up, meet my Uncle and his family, meet several new cousins and work in some Genealogy.  Yes, Mom came along too.

2.5 hour flight that went smooth.  We had help through the airports for Dad and Mom, found our baggage, found the rental car.   A Ford Expedition!  Maybe a little to big for them to climb in and out of but we wanted the space for adding cousins and other family as passengers.  30 Minutes to the Hotel.  Oh, Great… the GPS does not have the Tennessee map loaded only the lower southern states, but then why Colorado?  Switching to Siri. Wow is Nashville busy at 5PM!  Lots of traffic.  Found the Hotel, unpacked.  Started the 3 hour download of the Tenn. Map to the Garmin. Back in the SUV and off to Wal-mart for supplies for Mom and Dad.  Siri is going nuts!  Twice.  Get off the Hwy, make a U-Turn and get back on the Hwy going the same direction!  Why!!!.  Get some Dinner, TGI Fridays…eh.  Find Wal-mart. Grab supplies and pick up a Step Stool to help Dad get in the car with his bad hips.  Mom seems to be a little Monkey getting in the car, I’m impressed!  She is doing so well even though we know the Cancer is coming back.

Back at the Marriott Residence INN in Brentwood.  Reorganize stuff for tomorrow.   Going to the Tennessee State Library and Archives. Turn off light.

Wish me good luck and good night!

2 thoughts on “Tennessee Traveling: DAY ONE”

  1. I have a Garmin GPS, and it does NOT work in the mountains. Last Spring we went in to the Unicoi Mts., and got hopelessly lost, it was so isolated that we couldn’t find anyone to ask for directions. Was getting dark and low on gas, that was scary. Wednesday we went to Round Knob Mt., bad road but the scenery was breath taking with all the color, then dinner at “The Gathering “. The steak was good, go early it was crowded. Diana

    1. Hi Diana,

      I generally have both my phone and my Garmin GPS. Both have caused me problems and each does something better than the other so it is hand to switch from time to time. I wish I could speak to my Garmin like I do to Siri. Entering info in the Garmin has become really slow, it does not respond to typing very fast anymore.

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