Day 8: The Road to Dingle

Friday, June 7

From Connemara we headed to the Dingle Peninsula.

Along the way we stopped in The Claddagh, a shopping area in Western Galway.  We had lunch overlooking a spillway leading to the Ocean and saw The Spanish Arch.  The Arch was built in 1584 an we are just beginning to learn of the Spanish involvement in Irish History.  The Arch was built to provide access to the new Quay or Warf.  Many of the streets paralleling water ways include the word Quay.

Supposed Origin of the Original Claddagh Ring.
Supposed Origin of the Original Claddagh Ring.

The Claddagh is one of a few towns who claim the origin of the Claddagh Ring.  Tracey has one given to her by her father and Megan will be getting this ring from her mother.  There are three ways (some say four) to wear the ring, one way on the right hand and two ways on the left hand.  Heart out, right hand, your love has not yet been won.  Heart out, left hand, your love is under consideration.  Heart in, left hand, two hearts have joined as one.

Another stop put us in Tralee for Pizza and pictures of a local church.  By now we are getting use to the small roads and driving on the left side.  Tracey and Megan are starting to play a version of Punch Buggy call Punch Tractor.  It seems everywhere there are Tractors on the road.

Dingle!  Almost 5 hours on the Road, our longest day of traveling.  We are staying at the Tower View Bed & Breakfast.  After check in, we were able to walk into town and go to Dano’s Bar & Restaurant for Dinner.  Then home and to bed.

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