Day 6: On the Road to Co. Galway

Wednesday, 5 June

I woke up today at 4:30am, it was broad daylight, I went back to bed.

We got up at 8:30am and went to breakfast.  Scrambled eggs for me and Sweet Pancakes for Tracey and Megan.  Then it was back on the road and off to Clifden, Co. Galway.  We stopped along the way and saw W.B. Yeats Grave and Memorial where we had sandwichs for lunch that Tracey picked up back in Donegal.

Mostly uneventful, more beautiful country and narrow roads.  The weather was absolutely gorgeous!  It is so unusual that it is often a topic of conversation.  Bright sunny days with no rain.  Our host, Jackie, back at Rossmore said that two years ago they had a heavy snow with Ice.  The do not usually see Ice.  Everyone said that the following summer was going to be nice then.  But, alas, only one day of nice weather.  Last winter was the same, but this summer is awesome so far.  Along the drive, I saw a sign for Ice Cream.  It said, “It tastes like Summer… Apparently.” Reflecting the fact that they do not often have nice, sunny summer days.

After checking in at the Seaview Bed & Breakfast, we went into Clifden to get dinner.  We ate at J Conneely’s for dinner where they had live music.  Then back to the B&B for a little down time.  Tomorrow is our half-way day.  Laundry in the morning and off to Connemara National ParkI

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