Day 5: A Day in Donegal

Tuesday, 4 June

We got back to the Rossmore late last night.  It was still daylight.  A quick check of the daylight times let us know that Dawn starts about 4:10 am Dusk begins about 10:30.  Thats about 5 hours of darkness folks!

Then we headed to Glenvar to find Tracey’s Grandmother’s (Rose Logue) childhood home.  While there we were able to meet Liam Logue, a cousin of Tracey and had a short visit.  Tracey and LiamFrom there it was about 30 minutes to Tracey’s Grandfather’s (William “Willie” home in Ballymichael and his Mother’s (Bridget “Biddy” Callaghan) home in neighboring Balloor.  In Gaelic they would be, Baile Mhícheáil and Baile Úr. Ballymichael

William’s home is right close to the water, the whole area is devoid of any trees an only has small shrubs.  His home is directly across from the now abandoned Ballymichael National School.  Thanks to the help from Donal Friel, I was able to find him on on old school roster along with his siblings.  His mother’s home is just down the road in the neiboring townland of Balloor.  Now a townland in this area is not very big, in this case you might say it was just a couple of blocks away, if they had such a layout.  The homes here are scattered about and divided by small rock walls.  The roads are narrow and many are unpaved.  However, the number of paved small roads is striking actually. I have traveled quite a few back roads in the the States.  The equivalent roads would be unpaved dirt roads.Ballymichael National School

On the way back to Donegal, Megan and Tracey stopped to use the “Toilets” at a Pub.  Restrooms are often referred to as Toilets, so you must ask for the Toilet.  They also ordered a sandwich for lunch.  However the man at the bar could not understand a word Tracey was saying and had to call a coworker to take her order.  I missed it but found it funny that the shoe was on the other foot for a change.Megan at Slieve League Cliffs

Next, we stopped in Donegal.  Remember, we stayed in the town of Donegal, in County Donegal.  Ballymichael and Glenvar are also in County Donegal and were about two hours away from the town of Donegal.  The town is also known for their hats made of Irish Tweed. Tracey and Megan bought Sweaters made of Irish Wool.

Ballymichael was to the North of us.  Being on top of the Irish Island it is not all that far from Scotland, William Boyle’s parent’s apparent spend some time in Scotland, but I have yet to flesh that story out.

After Donegal we drove West to see the Slieve League Cliffs.  That was a beautiful drive.  We reached the top parking lot about 10:00 pm, it was still daylight with almost an hour of daylight left.  We headed home before sunset as we did not want to be on the roads

Yellow Shamrock....Ok, maybe not!
Yellow Shamrock….Ok, maybe not!

after dark.  We are still adjusting to driving on the “Wrong side of the Road.”  Tracey drove today for the first time.  We will have a lasting memory from this trip.Slieve League CliffsSheep on Slieve League Cliffs


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