Day 3: Dublin Bike Tour

  • Tracey and Megan heading out on the Bike Tour
    Tracey and Megan heading out on the Bike Tour

    Sunday, 2 June

    Got up an took the bus to Dublin for a bike tour this morning. Dublin City Bike Tours.  Apparently Brian, the owner, was the first to start a bike tour in 2010.  It was an all American Tour.  Two gals, one young man and David from Wyoming.  He is orignally from Denver, go figure, travel across the ocean and meet a man from your back yard.  He is on a “long tour” that his daughter encouraged him to go on after his wife died from Ovarian Cancer 5 years ago.

We rode for almost three hours with a stop at the Barge Pub for a hot drink.  I had hot chocolate. The girls had coffee. The weather was sunny then, later the clouds rolled in and cooled things down.

Our Guide, Brian
Our Guide, Brian

I will upload pictures later when we get a better internet connection.   They are on my iPhone and the connection is taking forever to upload.  Speaking of iPhone.  We paid for the International Plan on Verizon.  $25 for 100mb data upload.  I have already used the first 100 and am working on the second.  Megan is on it too, but was smarter and turned off Data Roaming, such discipline as she has been sending lots of texts out to her friends.  I have been using Google Maps way too much. Today I was much better at saving both data use and keeping my cell battery charged for the day.

Lunch was after the bike tour at Ray’s Pizza,  Brian from Dublin City Bike Tours gave us a map he marked up with “the best place to get….(whatever)”  mostly food sites.   I am sure he worked something out with the owners, but Ray’s was very good.

Statures of the Irish Famine Migration
Statures of the Irish Famine Migration

I have been playing a game of find the American connection.  So far, everywhere we go there is something prominent from America.  We had dinner at O’Shea’s and they had a sign up for Coors Light.  Plenty of McDonalds and Burger King’s.  In fact, Dublin is not unlike many American Cities.  While we had yet to drive, traffic and the cars are not much different, people all look pretty much the same, perhaps even a bit more clean cut.  It is an International City so no stereotyping here.  Tipping is not as big and “chips” are French Fries.   Lot’s of chips with many of the meals

However, I did see a group of 20 something boy’s that I am pretty sure must have just grabbed a bunch of jackets and sweat suits from a store.  I saw them again later, and the cotton sweat suits still had the fold wrinkles in them.

Yesterday, we had time to swing in and get a quick look at Trinity College.  While there I was stopped by a woman from the tourist office conducting a survey.  We had a great chat about culture, the Irish, and Donegal.  We stopped talking when it started to rain and Megan and Tracey were giving me the evil eye to get a move on.  Anyway, the woman said that it was hard for her to fill her English and European quotas this time of year but American’s this time a year out number the others 3 to 1.

We had a great time in Dublin, but we are leaving too soon to fully take in all the main tourist attractions. Tomorrow we head for Donegal.  At this point, I can see us coming back to Ireland but let’s see how the rest of the trip goes.

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