RootsTech 2015: Check in

So I had a nice flight in from Denver with no problems.   But from the moment I sat down on the plane I quickly learned that the couple behind me and the woman next to me were going to Rootstech 2015.  I spent the whole flight talking about Wikitree and Genealogy.  The couple behind me had an ancestor at the Battle of Kings Mountain.  My John Kelly is often conflated with another John Kelley who fought at King’s Mountain.   So we had a lot to share.

I grabed a cab and 15 minutes and $30 later I arrived at the Ellerbeck Manson Bed & Breakfast where I met a very nice host named Debbie.  The accomodations are very homey and I do not feel like I am at a hotel.

Salt Palace Convention Center

I am only a mile from the Salt Palace where the Convention is being held.  Upon my arrival, only a 20 minute walk from the B&B, the first person I ran into was AJ Jacobs and his “Handler”.  AJ is responsible for the Global Family Reunion (GFR) and it was fun to meet him as he has a big presence on Wikitree.  In fact, Wikitree’s own Eowyn  Langholf is also responsible for promoting the GFR.

A.J. Jacobs

So it is only fitting that I next met up with Eowyn and Tami Ozmer, both work for Wikitree and together are known as the WikiChicks.

Shortly after meeting them, Michelle Hartly joined us and I was oriented to the booth and the plan ahead.

It is so much nicer to meet people in 3D.  I had seen all three ladies pictures online and have emailed and spoken via Facebook and the G2G forum (Genealogist to Genealogist) on Wikitree.  But meeting and seeing and hearing them is so much better.

WikiTree Genealogy HoodieEowyn outfitted me in a XXL hoodie as they did not have any Wikitree shirts in my size.  It is a very nice hoodie and a few will be raffled off during the convention.  The arey expecting over 96,000 participants with 20,000 on Saturday.  So, it looks like we will have a lot of explaining, many times over on how wonderful it is to be on Wikitree.  And it is and if you are doing Genealogy, you need to join us there.

I stoped by the Family History Library, watched their 4 minute video, and was taken to a volunteer Elder who was to help me get started.  These volunteers are great for people getting started, but I quickly tested his abilty to help me and after speaking with another Elder on the floor, they took me upstairs to speak with Linda, on of their consultants.   She was very knowlegeable but I tested her with trying to find any new info on Smith Alexander Stills and Alonzo M. Culp.

I only had about an hour because I needed to eat, walk home and get some good sleep for tomorrow.  Linda will be useful on Saturday when I hope to find a little more time at the Library.  But I now know what I need to do in planning a full length trip to the Libary in the future so I was glad I stopped in and got the preliminaries out of the way.  Everyone has been advising me to have a plan but I now better understand how to plan and use their consultants.

Good Night, tomorrow I get to speak “Wikitree” and I am looking very much forward to sharing.

RootsTech 2015 with Wikitree

I am sitting at Denver International Airport waiting for my 1:10 Departure.  Getting in and to the gate was very smooth for a change. We had about 5 inches of snow last night but the next three days in Salt Lake City are looking good.


I will be meeting up with Jeff Heyman on Friday for Dinner so an added surprise to the trip.

Wikitree folks are already at the RootsTech 2015 conference setting up and with any luck, I will be able to join them later today.

As Fate always has a surprise for me, the Jefferson County Historical Society website that I volunteer to maintain is down.  Last night they moved it to a new server to take advantage of the latest PHP and something broke.  I have absolutely no access and am relying on them to get us up an running.

deet..deet…deet… this just in. is up an running.  Apparently one little bracket { }shut us down, somehow a line was duplicated during the transfer.  Once removed, we are good to go!

Thank you Hurricane Electric!

Next Stop, Salt Lake City and the Ellerbeck Bed and Breakfast.


February Ancestral Anniversaries: Week One

Wikitree just launched their new Family Anniversaries tool.

Michael’s direct line Ancestral Anniversaries:

Tracey’s direct line Ancestral Annivesaries: